Saturday, August 12, 2006

Our Motley Crew

Karen just arrived back from Cayman Brac on Thursday. Of course I have been insanely jealous of her being there while I was stuck here. The only saving grace being that I had the deluxe pleasure of looking after our three goldens for the week she was gone. For any of you who don't know who they are here is a picture. Chat is on the left, Zinger is in the middle and our newest addition Spinner is on the right. Chat, the smartest, has figured out that if he acted dumb and refused to learn anything he would never have to work too hard for his supper. I that he has succeeded! Zinger is our champion and she carries the title OTCH MACH2 Hideaway's Red Zinger UDX JH. At 10, she is slowing down a bit but has more than made up for Chat's less than stellar training regime. Spinner is a wonderful blend between Chat and Zinger. All of Chat's wild enthusiasm for the field and Zinger's trainability. She is taking up a good portion of Karen's time now with field, agility and obedience.